Introducing the NSC Coaching Small Business Mastermind

Introducing the NSC Coaching Small Business Mastermind


WITH ONLY A LITTLE OVER 60DAYS LEFT UNTIL 2020, how about we step on the gas together to reach your goals before 2020? NSC Coaching will be hosting a 6-week Mastermind for small business owners and entrepreneurs that will launch Nov 11.

These are working sessions where you lean into your colleagues with my professional biz coaching expertise to guide you all.

  • Get more clients.
  • Restructure to scale.
  • Launch a new initiative.
  • Tweak your CRM.
  • Automate processes.
  • Engage new marketing techniques.
  • Reach or exceed a goal that you haven’t quite been able to yet.

And so much more…

Imagine what you can accomplish when you receive speed, clarity, accountability and best practices that you can implement on the spot?

6 sessions. 6 weeks. 10 small business owners. One coach.

Who is ready to accelerate?   WhT are you waiting on? Sign up below!

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