Inauguration Day: What a Day for Women of Color!

Inauguration Day: What a Day for Women of Color!


Yesterday, I joined millions of women who donned their pearls and “chucks” to watch the Inauguration.  This was indeed a monumental moment. For the next four years, corporate environments will have a glimpse at what women of color can be—-rockstar leaders at the highest levels. We shouldn’t wait for them to realize it.

Sis, we have to make the moves ourselves.

There will be much pontification about what workplaces should do now. And that’s fine, but Sis, the real question is what will YOU do now. Sis, Kamala Harris just obliterated the double-paned black and bamboo ceilings… how will you walk through it? Dare I say, this is a window in time. You have no time to waste. LEAD, and move around the stumps that are holding you back—- look for the trees in your tribe and SOAR, eagle!

And just like in 2008, this does not signal a post-racial society. We are seeing that clearly this time. So there will be fierce opposition. STAND TALL ANYWAY! They will say, “Who does she think she is!?” And you will know that you are on the right track.


Today, gather all your affirmations and repeat them as she walks on that platform. This isn’t just about the VP-elect. It’s about YOU. You can do and be whatever you want to be. Now that you know, what will you do?

(Originally published on my Twitter feed @lmichellespeaks)

Ushering in firsts… Congratulations to my Soror, our ground-breaking VP-Elect @kamalaharris 💕💚💕💚💕💚💕#1908 #aka @akasorority1908 #leadership #pearlsandchucks #nothanks📕


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