Do you give yourself credit? Or are you making yourself small?

Do you give yourself credit? Or are you making yourself small?



When you think about it, you didn’t come up with that notion at work. It’s a part of corporate culture. In fact, the word corporate means “one body,” so it only makes sense that it has been ingrained in you that being a standout is ultimately frowned upon.

Shining is a no go, right?

What a direct conflict to the word leadership.

Recently, my client work has uncovered women and women of color who have embraced shrinking so much that composing an affirmation from themselves was difficult because they felt as if they were bragging on themselves. When I reminded them that an an affirmation is a statement that they say to themselves and not to others, they still found it difficult.

How many of you can’t even tell yourself that you are excellent when you have the proof?

This comes from several places— it’s cultural, it’s generational, its societal, and for some, they will even point to their religious beliefs.

In the cases of people who are in

the margins, it can also be attributed to a workplace culture that others them. Stack one reason on top of the other, and you have a high performing leader who not only has a tough time giving themselves the credit, but they have a difficult time taking credit or receiving it when someone else gives it.

If you cannot thank someone for patting you on the back, how will you ever merchandise your work in a way that will get you to the next rung in your leadership quest?

Today’s #NSCRockstarLeadership Tip shows you how to begin to break the negative habit of false humility…and it takes work.

Reach out if you are ready to put this toxic practice to bed in your head.

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