Her Suite Dreams Lead Her to The Top

Her Suite Dreams Lead Her to The Top

Best Selling Author Dallas

Headline: Her suite dreams lead her to the top, now reporting to the Publisher at one of the largest newspapers in the U.S.

Industry: Media/Journalism

How it was: When we first met, she felt stuck, overwhelmed and uninspired.

On the journey: This was a surprisingly short journey, but she rediscovered her happy place and opened her eyes to her potential and the recruiters she’d been ignoring. Then she took a chance and moved cross country for an exciting role that teed her up to make history.

Her secret sauce: She gave herself space for herself, stepped out of her comfort zone and bet on her brand.

Where she is today: Her entire posture is different. All smiles, shoulders back, and tackling her first 90 days as the first woman of color to become executive editor at her newspaper. Her promotion came a little over a year after she moved.

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