She’s Making FOUR Times What She Was Making

She’s Making FOUR Times What She Was Making

Best Selling Author Dallas

Headline: She’s making four times what she was making, and doing it for one of the hottest brands out there.

Industry: Tech

How it was: She has a toxic boss. She feared shining as a gifted speaker and thought leader in the space. She has an amazing story, but it made some people uncomfortable. She knew because it typically came with backlash.

On the journey: She learned how to gate her content while nurturing her community. Eventually, she simply shared her thought leadership openly online and the recruiters and hiring managers internally and externally came knocking.

Her secret sauce: She stood tall in her amazing abilities and her story.

Where she is today: She’s moved to the ranks of executive compensation and is now building generational wealth—building and leading a brand new capability and team.

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