Engage the 80:20 Rule for Employee Advocacy

  Filling your #Linkedin timeline with “corporate rah rah?” …and that’s a good look for whom, again, Sis? It’s time to do better. Your #nscrockstarleadership tip of the day is to leverage the 80:20 rule for employee advocacy, because it really is a win-win for you and your company. Over rotate, and you’ve just squandered your social media real estate…and for companies that have a far bigger marketing budget than you do.…

Ep 54: The Basics of Creating Raving, Loyal Fans Online with Lamar Tyler

When Lamar Tyler sets his mind to something, it gets done, let me tell you! When I first met him and his lovely wife Ronnie, I was extremely impressed. Let me first say that the bloggers of today are not cut from the same cloth as the ones my teams first worked with in 2008…I’m talking about Lamar and Ronnie, Patrice Yursik, aka Afrobella, Luvvie Ajayi…I think you…

Tales from the Tour Bus: Catch-up with L. Michelle Smith

Back in The London Calling Issue, we went backstage with Dallas native, L. Michelle Smith, a classically-trained mezzo soprano, author, speaker and marketing leader with over 25 years of experience as a communicator and integrated marketer. In this issue, Ian Truscott hops on the tour bus and catches up with this executive and business coach and entrepreneur. Hi Michelle, we went Backstage with you back in January, since then…

Ep 43: #ThrowbackThursday Employee Advocacy with John Graham Jr.

We’re reaching back into the crates and pulling the most downloaded episode of all times with this employee advocacy guru, and my friend John Graham, Jr.  A special tribute to Jinja beverage company founder Reuben Canada is also included at the end of the episode.  RIP, Reuben, your friends, John and L Michelle.

Ep 2:  Dawn of The Creators #BlackExcellence

Jaylen Bledsoe, CEO of Bledsoe Global Group became a millionaire by the age of 15. He has been making millions for his client ever since! Talk about #blackexcellence!  And we will.  Find out what Black Single Mom Magic has to do with it! It drops Nov 1. If you are still new to this, listen and subscribe. #theculturesouppodcast

Is Employee Advocacy at Odds with Building Your  Personal Brand?

Within the past several years, companies have adopted digital employee advocacy as a way to harness the power of their workforce for low-cost, high-impact marketing, sales and recruiting. Let’s face it, if you have even a dozen or more employees, it can be a powerfully compelling force for outreach. If you have hundreds of thousands of employees bought into one of the many digital platforms like Social Chorus,…

The Culture Soup Podcast: Teaser with Reuben Canada, JinJa

Your Host L. Michelle Smith provides just a taste of what The Culture Soup Podcast has to offer with a snippet from an upcoming interview with friend, founder and CEO of the beverage company JinJa, Reuben Canada.  Canada talks about his philosophy on health, his inspiration for it, and his mentors.  Enjoy!

7 Keys to Creativity: Unlock Your Genius

(Image: iStock/PeopleImages) Even the most creativity-averse people can tap into their creative genius It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with cookie cutter marketing strategies. How do you tap into the creative genius inside? Do you ever wonder if you even have a creative genius inside? I believe that while many creative geniuses are born, others can be made with deliberate effort. According to Psychology Today, there really…

Social Media: A Digital Portal for Access, an Opportunity and a Voice
Published on October 18, 2016 on LinkedIn On Oct 6, 2016, I spoke to students, faculty and staff from a variety of universities and colleges at the 6th Annual Howard University Social Media Conference.  The topic was how social media has provided access and opportunity to marginalized communities.  I share the original script of that keynote below, and I'd love to hear about your experiences.  The keynote was…
What Chicken Fries Have to Do With It
Working at a nonprofit can sometimes feel like a thankless job. Having worked with countless executive directors, along side them on boards or even as an agency partner, I've heard the stories. I've seen many local organizations open and close, unfortunately. Marketing is key to their success. Without awareness, there'll be no donors, volunteers or corporate sponsors; and that speaks directly to the bottom line. This is why…

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