Release The Villains

Release The Villains

Headed into the weekend feeling lighter like…

Great group coaching session that blended mindfulness and neuroscience today with current and grad clients! 👏🏽👏🏽💥💥

We do it once monthly, every 3rd Friday at noon CT.

Our focus today was forgiveness.

Whew, Chile!!

How many of you have listed the villains from past teams, divisions and workplaces one by one, forgiven them for what they did to you and released them back into their alternate universes one by one and out of your spirit?

It’s the soul work we forget to do for our day-to-day work, and we carry the related traumas with us…and guess what? It blocks us from our leadership aspirations and regenerates the limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.

💥Grab a journal and pen.

💥List their names one by one.

💥Tell👏🏽 on👏🏽them👏🏽!!

Write it all down, Sis.

Then close your eyes and visualize this conversation with them in a serene venue:

“You hurt me, but now, I forgive you, not for you, but for me; and so that I can get to my aspirations the way I deserve.”

You see, we do this in our personal lives for exes, shady girlfriends and family members, but forget to do it in our careers for bad bosses, toxic colleagues, jerky peers and demented dotted liners. So we carry those bruises and scars into our next and wonder why we remain stuck.

(BTW, I have a mindfulness meditation exactly for this.)

Want more? Join SLAYNET… join the NSC Soulful Mindfulness Meditations Tribe therein, make like Spider-Man and send your villains back into work’s multiverse, and see how it heals you and moves you forward toward your goals faster.

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