A message without a method or focus

A message without a method or focus

That trite, cliche question that faux, modern-day philosophers raise about a tree falling in a forest and no one hearing is probably not as thought provoking as considering the exact opposite.

If that same tree falls and everyone hears it, will they know it has anything to do with them?

Leaders, if you truly want to lead, it may serve you to not be seduced by being everywhere speaking to everyone at once about your message.

The audience that is craving your message and will pay top dollar to hear and experience it will be confused about whether it is actually for them because you aren’t focused on them, speaking their passions and pain points directly to them.

So in this time-line-centric society that thrives on likes, clicks, views ….the speak-on-every-platform-known-to-man, be in every media outlet, grab for every quick dollar, chase-game-kind-of place we live in, be courageous…find the pond where your fish are not only swimming, but biting… clamoring for your carefully tailored message, and resist the urge to boil the same ocean you’re attempting to fish in.

Your fish will lift you up farther than you could ever do on your own.

And yes, that takes consistency and patience.

The long game isn’t the popular game, but it is proven.

Fame seekers eventually fizzle.

I get it. It’s fun to do it for The Gram, or get some media attention.

However, seek what’s sustainable. Put some reason to your rhyme.

Then trust the process.

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