Episode 165 of The Culture Soup Podcast® with Tina Robertson

Episode 165 of The Culture Soup Podcast® with Tina Robertson



Get your head right 🙎🏽‍♀️

 We’ve been through a lot 🤦🏽‍♀️

When is the last time you saw a therapist? If you haven’t seen one since the pandemic, gentle nudge.

All this week my social campaigns have been discussing languishing, the blahs, brain fog and I’ve provided some guidance on what you can do; however, there is nothing better than sitting with a licensed therapist to really get underneath what is bothering you.

So that’s what we are doing on episode 165, and I didn’t have to look very far. My friend of more than 20 years, fellow singer and leader at a well- known non-profit Tina Robertson graced the show and we talked about what’s ailing us all in the midst of our current crisis sandwich. She is a licensed social worker and practicing traumas therapist.

In this two part series, we discuss everything from TikTok psychology and the need to label everyone with some ailment that actually requires a diagnosis or professional designation (ie narcissism to bipolar or sociopathic) and even the trend of unqualified coaches, counselors and therapist who are now swarming the Internet.

She even provides tips on how to know the real ones from the others

Can a date gone wrong simply be a mismatch, or do we instantly resort to to cut off culture or brand them with one of the many popular terms that are swirling? You know from one of the several attachment styles to a ghost or brand crumber.

Is that really imposter syndrome you are feeling or is it simply self doubt?

Tina helps us all to take several seats in the name of a profession that is sorely needed right now and in the quest for better mental health.

Tune in Thursday for part 1 of this conversation on The Culture Soup Podcast®

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