How do you remove the sting of formal feedback?

How do you remove the sting of formal feedback?

Consider that written feedback seems to be more piercing than the spoken kind. We can stare at it, revisit it. It seems more permanent and carries more lasting impact. It seers into our psyche.

Try not to give negative feedback the entirety of your attention especially if you have glowing and more neutral feedback to consider.

Let’s do some math:

➕ Count the number of positive statements

➕ Count the negative.

➕ Now look at the mid-range feedback–it’s likely fairly objective.

Weight each category of feedback. Careful not to give too much focus to feedback that only takes up a tiny bit of space or is in conflict with the majority of the rest of the feedback.

Now, where can you find the most opportunity for growth?

Are you allowing yourself to celebrate your wins?

Watch today’s #NSCRockstarLeadership tip for some insight.

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