Always Count Your Accomplishments

Always Count Your Accomplishments

I kicked off 2022 by releasing book #2.5, SLAY EVERYDAY: 52 Weeks to Rockstar Leadership while simultaneously launching my private online coaching community and app SLAYNET.

The imitated and never quite duplicated #NSCRockstarLeadership Tips of the Day barreled on through to more than 200 vignettes this year and were officially retired to the library on SLAYNET. These videos were the origination for the weekly tips in the journal, and we grew the SLAYNET community to the hundreds where online course are hosted, tribes thrive and live masterminds and challenges blossomed.

It was at this point in the year that I realized that with everything going on in my personal life, the launch of YES, PLEASE! would need to be delayed… and I gave myself permission to do it.

I had achieved more in Q1 than most people do in their entire lives, and I’d helped so many people live better lives and be better leaders.

Remember to always count your accomplishments. It provides you with better perspective, promotes positive emotion and gratitude and allows to put your life in a better context so your vision and actions can align.

If nothing else happened in 2022, I would have been set… and yet, there was far more to come!

Join SLAYNET at the link in my bio and you can also pick up the journal!

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