How one leader rediscovered her passions and nabbed a new role at once 🗼

How one leader rediscovered her passions and nabbed a new role at once 🗼

When Paula Spivey enrolled in SOAR Women’s Leadership Academy, she was at a low point.

Between the pressures and demands at work, losing a loved one and feeling displaced in a new city, she felt like she had lost herself.

Through the coaching and classes at SOAR, she gained the skills to rediscover herself, her passion for travel, horses and helping others while she learned to protect her peace and spirit while she optimized her searched for a new role.

Needless to say, she found that new role with increased responsibility, excellent pay and proximity to students–she is passionate about youth. And she did that not long after rediscovering just how awesome she is herself.

Can you relate to Paula?

SOAR Women’s Leadership Academy is now taking applications for our Spring 2024 Cohort and enrollment will not be complete without other high performing women leaders like you. This year, SOAR DISCernIQ™️ is also a part of the curriculum. It’s our new integrated digital DISC Assessment platform, coaching and consulting. that allows you to get to know yourself better for peak performance and better communication.

We’re still offering 25% off tuition this month, so hurry. Offer applies to non-sponsored, individual leaders paying out of pocket.

Organizations, reach out rates for volume discounts.

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