2020 NSC Executive & Business Coaching Spring Cohorts OPEN for Signup

2020 NSC Executive & Business Coaching Spring Cohorts OPEN for Signup

Quietly, a group of small business owners and corporate executives have been gathering over the past year as a part of a NSC Coaching Cohort program.  The professionals, from all parts of the country and even Canada, various industries and companies, have been honing skills, identifying goals, mapping plans to attack those goals and having their very own breakthroughs as they meet with me for mentoring and coaching, staying connected to one another through group chat, and meeting with the entire circle via video chat every other month.
And we have success stories:

  1. Within weeks of our first meeting and understanding that she simply needed time to think through what it was she really wanted and also reconnect with her family on this and other topics, one client just took a new position as second in command at a major newspaper.  Picked up her entire (excited) family, moved and went for it.
  2. Another has dusted off an entire socially-conscious skincare and beauty line and  is aligning it with her new personal brand as she pursues coaching and public speaking.
  3. Another has put together plans to move out of education and has begun her coaching certification to become a life coach.
  4. Another who is in the market for a new position clarified what kind of position he is passionate about, shifted his attack on his job search and found  himself in consideration as the top two for a VP position in short order.
  5. Another has shifted her mindset to leverage her corporate role to fuel her dreams for a bigger and better positon in an area of her passion at another company all while beginning to take speaking opportunities that will position her better for those new opportunities.
  6. That same client has shifted the way she posts on social media and now is receiving the engagement she’s looking for as a thought leader and not simply a free platform for her employer.
  7. One turned a pretty wicked adversary at work into an ally and protected her teammates in the process,   and better positioned herself for promotion within a year.

So what are you waiting on? And most of my clients renew for another season, so the group is growing season over season.  Join this group and be inspired!  I provide clarity, speed and accountability.

We have three tracks.

  • #BOSS Cohort business coaching for entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Transitions Cohort career coaching for any professional looking to shift gears in their career.
  • Leadership Cohort executive coaching for professionals looking to become rockstar leaders.

As always, this coaching is accessible and confidential, and breakthroughs happen everyday with my clients.  The monthly subscription costs just $200, and compared to the cost of a traditional 3-month one-on-one engagement, that represents significant savings.  By the way, Cohort members get to meet up in their cities and have access to ALL my digital content for FREE with very few exceptions.

Ready to add rocket fuel to your business, leadership potential or career?   Just fill out this application, and submit it before December 15th.  I’ve included it below for your convenience.  I may call on you for interviews, so be ready.  I will reach out to the new cohorts their members by January 6.  So HURRY!!!!  Space is limited.


What are you waiting on?

Join me!











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