🎥 Behind the scenes with Coach L. 🌟

🎥 Behind the scenes with Coach L. 🌟

I spent part of my morning in production in-studio today. I spend approximately 30% of my time each week in production. About 95% is in my own little office studio. Today, I ventured out to the studio where my latest audiobook for Yes Please! 📗 was produced.

(Shout out to the talented James Kline!)

However, the goal is the same no matter where I shoot: churn content that will arm high-performing leaders with the evidence-based tools they need to reach as high as they desire in life and leadership with science + culture.

It’s up to each of us to create our own Black history, I believe … all in the name of supporting others.

That’s the only real reward: impact and legacy.

Now, it’s time for me develop a rich-media plan to a C-Suite executive that sits atop one of one of the largest conglomerates in the nation, review some SOAR DISCernIQ™️ assessment reports in preparation for a workshop in a couple weeks and then prep for a panel I’m moderating at a client site on Wednesday.

Expanding my reach for my message is the single most important objective.

My word for the year: focus.

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