Yes Please! on Perspectives with Condace Pressley

Yes Please! on Perspectives with Condace Pressley

Perspectives S35/Ep26: Yes Please! 7 Ways to Say I’m Entitled to the C-Suite

In YES PLEASE!, author, CEO and certified executive and personal coach L. Michelle Smith draws upon positive psychology, neuroscience, and the experiences of high-performing professional Black women, including herself, to reveal the seven secrets for success for the “double disadvantaged” in senior executive leadership positions, most notably tapping into positive emotion. Her book emphasizes the importance of Black women prioritizing their happiness as a pathway to achieving their career aspirations since research in positive psychology has proven that happy people are successful people. Smith conducted a survey conducted with 100 high-performing professional Black women leaders and found that 90% of them felt everything but happy, attributing their gender and race as the primary obstacles to their success in corporate environments where they are not centered. Smith believes that a mindset shift is crucial for Black women to overcome these challenges and claim their rightful place in senior executive leadership roles.

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