Seeing your way through a tough time 👏🏽

Seeing your way through a tough time 👏🏽

When we started, Jennie was afraid. Return to office and an overwhelming sense of job insecurity had taken over. She wanted to land safely, but she learned that finding her peace and joy in the people, places and things she valued was her way of putting life and work in better perspective.

Now, the threat of job loss is no longer, she has a new past time that she’s excited about, and she knows how to tap into positive emotion when the negative emotion tries to take hold. She has brand new habits, and she’s close to eliminating the ones that were holding her back.

By the way, her company decided to keep her and her entire team because their performance, under her leadership, remained stellar despite the storm.

When you have a calm mind, you can focus—and your performance will improve.

Top tier!

If you’d like to find your way through a turbulent market, culture or time in your life or work, reach out. We have a limited amount of slots opening up for 1:1 executive & life coaching opening up this month.

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