TCSP Ep 172: The Coaching Corner with L. Michelle Smith

Ever considered how language can be leveraged to dictate the rules of a culture? Tonight’s episode of The Culture Soup Podcast® is a Coaching Corner episode, and we discuss exactly how that it happens in world events and the workplace and what that works to the detriment of those who are not centered. We also take a deeper dive into today’t #YesPlease Ask Me Anything question: How do…

Can I phone a friend? ☎️

If you’re a longtime listener, you know that when it gets a little crazy in our culture, I phone a friend. Episode 170 is no exception. I don’t know about you, but after putting $112 dollars in my tank, hearing more of my friends and family contract Covid, still tearing up about Buffalo and Uvalde and the many mass shootings since, and watching parts of the January 6…

Juneteenth is a holiday. Now what?

I hope that you will wake up early with me on Sunday, June 19th where I will be discussing the meaning of the Juneteenth holiday and how people and brands can better celebrate and commemorate this day of freedom. DFW-area community can tune in on WFAA Channel 8 for Daybreak. Outside of our area, you can catch the replay video on after it airs.

Gun Violence, Return to Work and Scathing Evaluations 🗓️

  We’re carrying a very heavy load as leaders these days, so I’m speaking directly to you on Thursday’s episode of The Culture Soup Podcast®️, The Coaching Corner. We’re going back to our roots with all audio streams for the summer, and we are kicking off with three hot topics that are important to you as high-performing leaders: ✔️Dealing with the barrage of gun violence and the trauma…

How to boss up, from a bee 🐝

When Kim Nelson-Ingram graduated from Florida A&M University, she wanted to be in TV, but little did she know that her first job search would land her in some incredible roles in the world of radio, making history too, and eventually as a children’s book author with a vision for more. Her message is simple, and she’s lived by it: You can BEE anything. It’s a mantra that…

The Culture Soup Podcast®: Out of Office

  You may have noticed that The Culture Soup Podcast® has been on break since around Thanksgiving. We’re not streaming, but we are planning a big return, Thursday, Jan 13, 2022 with some of the most exciting guests, my friends who are killing it at the intersection of tech, business and culture. The holidays are a great time to catch up, and you have nearly three years of…

Free Game: The Video Platform of Choice for The Culture Soup Podcast® Revealed

  YES! I use Skype for The Culture Soup Podcast®!  It is my video platform of choice for the show.  Some people act shocked that I steer away from Zoom and other platforms. Then they have the nerve to say, “I haven’t used that in years.” Like they are thumbing their noses. Sis, you’re just admitting that you aren’t accustomed to broadcast quality anything. Let me tell you…

Ep 5: You Go Girl!!–DJ Niena Drake

A full-circle moment is really the headline of DJ Niena Drake’s life, and she bucks all the negative women stereotype.  She sits at the intersection of tech, business and culture, and while she is spinning for some of the biggest celebrities and brands, she is spreading sunshine and pouring into the lives of striving young people.

Ep 4: Great Things Happen When You Just #DoYou with Jarrett Hill

Jarrett Hill was looking for his next career move and a little frustrated with the search when he found himself in a Starbucks, live tweeting the RNC.  But this episode really isn’t about plagairism and FLOTUSes.  It really is about what happens when you are just doing you. It’s also about microaggrssions and white supremacy.  ?. Buckle your seatbelts, and take a listen.  While you are at it,…

Ep 3: The Social Media for Social Good Guru
He is the man who wrote the book on social media for social good.  During a time where negativity seems to constantly swirl on social media, you'll want to hear what Chris Strub is doing to bring sunshine back to your newsfeeds all while helping people in need.

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