TCSP Bonus Content IS HERE!

TCSP Bonus Content IS HERE!

Beginning this month, you will be able to subscribe to gated content from the show. In fact, the conversations may surprise you. Since most of my shows spur additional conversation about some of the most random things, I intend to share. Introducing TCSP After the Show and DUETS.

You may have guessed what both are all about, but you’ll need to subscribe and listen to the trailer to hear details. I’ll give away this much: during one of them, since many of my guests are musically inclined or music fanatics (after all music is culture and deeply a part of my brand), we will pick and random tune and sing it together.

After the Show… well, that’s where it gets deep… or totally off the rails. We’ll also have special offers on services and products including my books and unfettered access to archived episodes. Curious? There is much more to come… so stick around for more deets!

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