A bad apple in your basket?

A bad apple in your basket?

Some lessons in life are also lessons in business.

Guard access to yourself. Not everyone has your best interest in mind.

Motive matters, and not everyone is transparent about theirs.

🔥Ask yourself: what’s their why?
🔥Watch to see if their actions align with their words.
🔥Notice who doesn’t cheer when you have wins.
🔥Accept that some people will see your sharing wins as boasting because they don’t take time to really know you.
🔥Read their silence on issues that matter most to you.
🔥Know that most undercover haters will at some point criticize you of what they do themselves, not what you actually do, in order to deflect or gaslight. They will try to pass the advice as constructive or even coming from a place of care and concern.

The latter is narcissistic behavior, and typically comes from someone who sees themselves or projects themselves as having more authority than you even if they do or don’t.

Not everyone will like you. Not everyone will love you. But it’s important to know that those that do not like or respect you will find reasons to be around you.

Know them by their fruit…and act accordingly.


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