Is it really imposter syndrome you are feeling?

Is it really imposter syndrome you are feeling?

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Imposter syndrome has become a popular catch-all phrase for all sorts of self-doubt. But is what you are feeling really imposter syndrome?

Let’s take a moment to talk about your confidence without all the trendy, arm-chair psychology that has become popular on the Internet and at women’s conferences. The term itself has been around since the 70s, but sometimes what you are feeling is simply a lack of confidence. The difference lies in the reason you may be feeling a lack of confidence, and not all of that doubt may originate with you, Sis.

Here are a few reasons why you may be doubting yourself that may have very little to do with imposter syndrome:

💥 Comparison. If you find yourself looking at someone else as a benchmark for what you should be doing or how you should be, it’s a great way to kill your confidence. Be brave. Chart your own course. Their roadmap isn’t sustainable for you.

💥 Overwhelm. When there is too much on your plate, the tendency is to procrastinate or even feel doom when approaching a task or project. What can you let go of so that you aren’t so overwhelmed?

💥Lack of preparation. Sometimes we sign up for bigger roles or projects. This is great! That means it is time to grow. Just don’t make the mistake that you will magically smash it. Get prepared. Upskill, get mentorship or coaching. It goes a long way for battling self-doubt.

I’m a huge proponent of positive self-talk, but affirmations alone probably won’t shift you from doubt to confidence without putting a little more work in. So the next time you decide you want that bigger role, the high-profile project, the new business and you feel nervous about it, consider what actions you can take to reduce or even reverse the doubt.

Imposter syndrome may not even be your culprit.

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