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Is the intentional experience people have with you. Everything you do to ensure it is simply an expression of it or an amplification of it.

Your goal is to produce loyalty. Surprisingly, you can actually accomplish this with limited awareness. So if you only have three followers, it’s about them being true believers and if they are willing to jump into action for you—beyond likes and comments.

What does this mean for leaders?

Before you start posting on social media, speaking or even doing media interviews (the grand gestures), understand what your brand promise is. What’s in it for the ones you want to impact? That should be aligned with the value you bring, that one problem you solve, and your values…those things that are organic to your story and what motivates you.

Learn how to express them in your everyday, offline interactions (small gestures). Then others will understand exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it. In fact, they will be able to share it back to you. If they are the people you’d like to impact and you’ve executed your experience well and consistently, you will create disciples.

The key? It boils down to relationship. How are you nurturing a solid relationship with the people you want to impact? How are you building community?

It isn’t always about what you say, but it is always about what you do. And the part that may surprise you: it really isn’t all about you.

Your brand is simply the vehicle to create endearment with the people you want to serve. So make every expression about them to make it count.

Then, watch your brand prosper.

So before you start posting, before that makeover, before the photo shoot, before you pitch a speaking opportunity or pitch the media… know your why, who you want to serve and know who you are and the story that brings all of that together, then watch things start to really fall in line.

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