Executive Coaches are Stealth for a Reason—I’m Not

Executive Coaches are Stealth for a Reason—I’m Not


I spent the morning recently speaking to media, and the same question crops up each time.

“What spurred the decision to become an executive coach?”

Some have guessed incorrectly that it happened before I left the big company because my business was established while I was still working there. The fact is, it was serval months after I left the company and after a coaching intensive weekend in Georgia that I added executive & personal coaching to my services.

In fact, I went into that intensive looking for insights that this would be the best move for me, but my mission was the same: I wanted to support women and women of color on their leadership journeys. It was simply a matter of finding the best way to do that.

I told one of the hosts that I spoke with that I look back in amazement because while it took nearly two years to get my book No Thanks to market (talks with publishers and agents set me back a couple years), I learned so much in that holding pattern.

After more than 70 speaking opportunities all over the country and coaching women and women of color, I learned that while the majority of them were stuck in the middle of the leadership pipeline and many of them spewing out, especially Black women, that these women did not have access to the resources that many leaders who didn’t look like them had.

You see… credentialed executive coaching is pretty hush, and it’s likely why people find it curious that I’m so “out there” with my executive & personal coaching services. It isn’t for not knowing the secretive culture surrounding what I do.

Executive coaches have long been reserved for only the upper echelons of Fortune 500 senior-most leadership. You could cross paths with one in the hallway and never know it if you aren’t in the loop. It is also rare that you find a credentialed one who looks like me.

Look, this is my lived experience. I’ve been a leader at some of the world’s top agencies and I’ve been an executive-level leader in one of the largest companies on earth—and still, no one ever offered me an executive coach in 25 years.

As you will see in my upcoming book Yes Please: 7 Ways to Say I’m Entitled to the C-Suite, resources like elite coaching are one of the well-kept secrets in Corporate America, and it is my duty to pierce the veil. It needs to be made available to mid-level women and women of color. After all, only 41 of the top leaders in the Fortune 500 are women. Only 7% of them are women of color…and only TWO OF THEM are Black.

So, I’m the accessible coach. I charge 50% less on my professional fees for women and anyone else who want my services if their companies aren’t willing to pay.

My mission is to get more women and women of color to the C-Suite, and I won’t let much stop me.

Wondering what an elite executive & personal coach can do for you? Here’s your opportunity.

Let’s break every ceiling that is standing in your way.

I’ve got you!

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