Are your positive affirmations not quite curling over?

Are your positive affirmations not quite curling over?

They could be your undoing.

“Wait, what, LMS??” You say.

I know. All of my content engages positive psychology with positive affirmations as a core tool. I’ve included them as the very basis of my books as an effective way to overcome some of the negative self-talk that causes leaders to get stuck.

So, yes, I believe in them.

And yes, they could make things worse if you are simply repeating them over and again, depending on who you are and how you are using them.

Today’s #NSCRockstarLeadership tip reminds us that if you have this one particular challenge, neuroscience has a technique that will increase the effectiveness of your affirmations.

Remember me saying that your brain needs proof for the affirmation? It goes like this:

“I am powerful because … [then point to a related achievement or the proof].”

Your brain does need the proof to make the affirmations more effective, but for folks fitting this particular profile, you actually need to flip the formula to receive better results.

It’s called directed abstraction.

Otherwise, you can find yourself in a deeper funk.

Take a watch to learn how it works, then be sure that you pick up my new journal, the companion to No Thanks. It’s called SLAY EVERYDAY: 52 Weeks to Rockstar Leadership.

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