How to reclaim your creativity

How to reclaim your creativity

Wondering why you just can’t get to your “ah-ha” moment?

Your brain may simply be too busy processing other things. It’s time to free your mind and get back to innovating.

In today’s #YesPlease Ask Me Anything, we explore actions you can take to clear your mind and get to the insight your brain needs to create.

This year has been overwhelming for me with a ton of personal activity that required my focus and attention.

Guess what was nearly impossible to do?


If you have found yourself in a similar stuck state, the answer may be to alleviate the load on your mind.

The steps we learn from neuroscience follow:

💥 Explore

💥 Focus

💥 Incubate (which leads to …)

💥 Insight

💥 Follow up (test the insight)

Then watch new, creative solutions flow.

Get your questions in by Friday:

P.S. Today is #BlackWomensEqualPayDay. Just a reminder to pay Black Women equitably for their innovation and creativity. We’ve been making something out of nothing generation over generation despite the juggling the challenges.

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