Activating three positive emotions at once

Activating three positive emotions at once


When Andrea Williams, Chief Experience Officer at the Utah Jazz intentionally taps into positive emotion by celebrating other women leaders’ achievements, she activates three positive emotions at once:

✅Joy, because it’s contagious when you recognize someone, they typically smile and the mirror effect happens— you smile too, and both of you feel good!

✅ Pride, because if you’re invested in lifting other women up, you’ll be glad to know she’s climbing and excelling. Expressing that is important.

✅ Inspiration, because even if what the other person has achieved is something you have not, you can be inspired by their achievements.

Now, the catch is that this isn’t a one and done. Tapping into positive emotion when you feel negativity, must become a habit.

Tapping into positive emotion is how the women of color in Yes Please! were able to make it through some of the most challenging times in and on their way to the C-Suite.

You can do it too.

New habits instigate behavioral change. Change your behavior enough times, and your mindset will shift. This is the science.

No doubt, this takes work, and this is why it’s important to get the support you need along the way.

If you want to get serious about you ascent to the E-or C-Suite and get your head wrapped around what it actually takes as a woman but especially as a woman of color with unique obstacles…

I and my team have your back.

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