What’s distracting you from what you really want?

What’s distracting you from what you really want?

Have you considered that achieving laser focus can be an act of kindness to yourself?

In fact, it’s another form of radical self care because it allows you to prioritize the goals that are important to you and get them done. In fact, persistent distractions can be costly, to yourself, your life and your leadership aspirations.

Think of it like this: if your goal is to be a senior executive leader, the more time you waste on distractions, the more you are not taking advantage of the lifestyle that a position like that can afford you, like generational wealth building for your family, for only one example.

According to experts there are six ways to engage radical focus. Do yourself a favor today and engage them. (Warning: this takes discipline, but you’ve got this!)

1. Get clarity on the ONE thing you’re going to focus on and be specific about your results.

2. Create a time block. Block the time on your calendar and guard it with your life.

3. Eliminate every single distraction. Block everything out. No apps, no notifications, just the one task you’re working on.

4. Set yourself up for success. Create the right environment to help you stay in the focused zone.

Sometimes, I check into my favorite hotel suite away from it all. Sometimes I light a candle. When I prepare to write, I do deep breathing to center myself, and even say a prayer.

If you ‘d like to learn the other two ways to achieve radical focus, schedule a session with me so that I can support you on your journey to designing the life you really want to live. I’ll leave the link in the comments.

These steps are loosely based on The Pomodoro Method and a recommended read: Radical Focus: Achieving Your Most Important Goals with Objectives and Key Results, by Christina Wodtke.

You can find it here.

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