How are you at asking for help?

How are you at asking for help?


How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was great like mine. Did you know that there are three gremlins that will make a turkey out of you when it comes to smashing your goals?

I discuss the third one in this video. (CARMEN: link the words “this video”)

What’s the reason you don’t ask for help?

WATCH the video to find out the most common reasons why leaders like you don’t and won’t.

Join The NSC Goal Getter Mastermind to beat these gremlins. Watch for part 3 of this series! Watch it uncut in my IG stories.


Check out the 3-part series on my YouTube channel at @lmichellesmith or on TikTok @thelmichellesmith. Like, comment, follow, subscribe and share!


Coach L. Michelle

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