Are you in a holding pattern?

Are you in a holding pattern?

Face it. It’s how we were all taught. When you were a child, it probably made more sense to spend time working on improving the skills that you need to move into adulthood.

But Sis, now, you’ve been at your career for years now. You are a leader, an eagle. There are just some skills, soft or hard, that you are better at than others. Spending time improving them, may be slowing you down from your aspirations.

Positive psychology has proven time and again that if you want to move forward faster toward your goals, you should probably lean into your strengths. Ask yourself, would an Olympic sprinter be making the best use of her time improving her long-distance endurance? Most likely not. So why should you spend time focusing on areas of weakness when you could be optimizing your strengths?

Do you know what your strengths are? There are several ways to uncover them. I recommend the assessment provided by the University of Pennsylvania. I mention it here in the video.

If you like these quick nuggets of advice, you will thoroughly enjoy and find useful my new journal that was released just last week: SLAY EVERY DAY: 52 Weeks to Rockstar Leadership. If you are ready to map out the strategy to address your exceptional leadership aspirations, this journal is just what you need. I’ve curated 52 of the #NSCRockstarLeadership Tips videos into a journal that will take you through the entirety of next year to raise the bar on your leadership goals.

This colorful, 7×10 book is supersized and has a whopping 272 pages of advice, thought starters, journal prompts, and positive psychology-based coaching and includes plenty of journaling space for you to strategize, write, doodle, or draw. It is also culturally nuanced and inclusive of women’s issues in the workplace.

Every week has a thought-starter, intention setting for the week, coaching questions, a midweek check-in, and an end-of-week review and calibration.

As well, you’ll want to join SLAYNET, my exclusive, private online community of like-minded leaders who are striving for exceptional senior executive leadership.

There is a special tribe there where we will meet quarterly to track progress and motivate one another. I will appear LIVE at that time to check in on progress and offer a little informal coaching.

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