🌟 Embracing the Transformative Power of Art for Leaders🌟

🌟 Embracing the Transformative Power of Art for Leaders🌟

This weekend, I had the privilege of immersing my family in the spellbinding world of art at The Modern in Fort Worth. The experience wasn’t just about appreciating the strokes on canvas; it was about tapping into the profound impact art has on our emotions. In the realm of positive emotion, art serves as a masterful catalyst, triggering awe, inspiration, and serenity.

Neurosciences assert that invoking three positive emotions at once and habitually can unravel the knots of negativity within us. It’s a conscious act of self-care that transcends the canvas and seeps into our daily lives.

As we navigate the whirlwind of holiday stress, goal-setting, and year-end reflections, I encourage you to explore the emotions art can evoke. Here are five tips inspired by our visit:

1️⃣ Immerse yourself in awe-inspiring masterpieces.

2️⃣ Seek inspiration from diverse artistic expressions.

3️⃣ Create moments of serenity through contemplative art.

4️⃣ Infuse your surroundings with uplifting visual stimuli.

5️⃣ Share the joy – discuss art with loved ones and colleagues.

For those intrigued by the science behind it, a credible source is the book “How Emotions Are Made” by Lisa Feldman Barrett. Learn about how high-powered women tap into positive emotion to overcome obstacles as they climb higher in their careers in my book, Yes Please! 7 Ways to Say I’m Entitled to the C-Suite, available in audiobook form on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

Fun fact: I learned from my friend, biographer, and descendent of Madam CJ Walker, @A’Lelia Bundles, while at my book signing at DC, that the first self-made woman millionaire turned to art, especially music, as her trigger for inspiration and joy.

I believe there is something in this for all of us. Let’s close the year on an emotionally resilient note.

Share with me what happiness triggers you’ll be invoking in these final weeks of the year. Inspire your leaders to be intentional about their happiness. Book me to speak or host a leadership experience for your leaders. I’m accepting requests into 2024. Just click the link in my profile.

Sincerely, Coach L.

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