What’s standing between you and an original thought? 🫠

What’s standing between you and an original thought? 🫠

As high-octane leaders, we’re often driving full-throttle towards success. But let’s talk about a hidden roadblock that can throw us off course: stress.

Stress can significantly impact not only your happiness, but also your performance. Neuroscience findings from Harvard Medical School underscore this reality. When stress levels soar, our cognitive functions suffer, hindering decision-making, creativity, and overall effectiveness.

For all leaders, but especially for women of color and others in the margins, navigating workplace challenges can add layers of stress. Cultural nuances and systemic biases often amplify these pressures, making it crucial to recognize and address stress early on.

In my experience, one key strategy is to prioritize rest. Rest isn’t just a luxury—it’s a vital component of stress management and overall well-being. But it’s not the only solution. Throughout this month in The Circle, my online growth group, we’ll be diving deeper into strategies to combat stress and cultivate resilience.

Empower yourself to notice the signs of stress, manage it effectively, and work towards a healthier, more sustainable approach to leadership. Together, we can navigate the twists and turns of success with confidence and clarity. Join The Circle here.

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