Ep 61: Resurrecting an Iconic Beauty Brand with Teneya Gholston

Ep 61: Resurrecting an Iconic Beauty Brand with Teneya Gholston

You know, one of the best ways to get to know someone is to be in the trenches with them. In this case, it was the trenches of the beauty business. If you don’t know who this is, you need to. She is the driving force behind the revival of one of the most iconic brands in black beauty culture, and I’m proud to say that I got a piece of that action. My former agency took the brand onto the pages of Essence and Sophisticates and also onto social media back in 2008, one of the first multicultural hair care brands to venture onto Twitter and Facebook. But we needed a great product to share. Teneya Gholston ensured that. Thursday, you’ll hear a couple of girlfriends chopping it up about the beauty business and what it took to resurrect @cremeofnature from a nearly certain gloomy fate. Teneya is a Sr. Director of Marketing at Revlon, but she isn’t just your run-of-the-mill corporate type. She used her talent as a stylist in the salons, learned the corporate ways of business and has parlayed that in to an incredible and award-winning career. I’m blessed to call her former client and friend, and she puts the BOSS in #bossbabe. OH, and we’ll giveaway some products too! Tune in Thursday, and be certain to tell a friend. #tech #culture #business #theculturesouppodcast

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