Ep 65: Tech, Business & Church Culture, with Gaye Arbuckle

Ep 65: Tech, Business & Church Culture, with Gaye Arbuckle

Social media is culture soup. Have you noticed that black church culture is extremely popular on the interwebs? If not, just pay attention during the Thanksgiving holidays. There is one meme that we just can’t shake. I talk to award-winning, national recording artist, worship arts minister and entrepreneur Gaye Arbuckle about why this is. We also talk about her being discovered by gospel legend James Cleveland, her unforgettable moment singing for two Presidents and the world’s favorite First Lady, her Instagram, feel-good gospel wake up call hashtagGetYoNote and of course, the times we spent singing together. Meet my sister in Christ, Gaye Arbuckle. Find out what it is like when music is at the center of your career, your ministry and entrepreneurial pursuits and how she uses social media and technology to keep it all … well, orchestrated. It’s on Thursday’s edition of The Culture Soup Podcast®️

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