NSC Strategic Consulting Introduces 1:1 Social Media Training

NSC Strategic Consulting Introduces 1:1 Social Media Training


Are you ready to really utilize your social media real estate to move to the next level of executive influence? You probably know that there is more to social media than event photos, ussies, corporate hashtags, group shots on a step and repeat, “food porn”, vacations and party pics, but how do you unlock the kind of content that attracts the people you are really after:

new clients
strategic alliances
industry peers
new opportunities

I learned this first hand. I literally had to shift my content, my followers and my channels to begin to attract the right people to me—people who wanted to hear my message and spend their dollars for my services. People who were inspired. People who were in my target audience. These probably aren’t your current colleagues, your bosses, or even your family or friends.

You know, these are the people who actually need the value you have to offer: the thought leadership, the services, the products, the business connections you may offer. If you’ve notice that your followers are a little uncomfortable with your attempts at a new direction, it’s time to get your content and channel strategy aligned with your goals. For others of you, you’ve isolated your entire network because you constantly post about your employer’s brand. And maybe you haven’t, because your entire social network works at the same company.

In any case, you need a change.

Some of you may simply need to know the basics:

how to post
leveraging effective uses of hashtags and tags
knowing which platform is best suited for your goals
what kind of content is best for your goals

Officer-level executives: you may want to be more effective on your platforms, be authentic and engage yourself instead of leaning into the cookie cutter approaches of your corporate communications team.

Business owners: confused about if you are being too much of an influencer and not enough of a business leaders online? If you want to be a better leader, a business leader who is fluent in social media as a tool to unleash that potential is crucial.

Rock star leaders get this.

Wield the right kind of influence and win—light up your DMs with the business deals  and job offers that matter.

I work with business leaders and brands who want to deal with business leaders and corporate brands. There is a difference between this kind of presence and consumer-facing “influencers.”

This is serious business.

Six weeks, six sessions to give your approach to social media channels and content a complete makeover. Video conferencing will make it all very convenient for you no matter where you are in the world.

Start 2020 with a new lease on your digital executive presence.

Allow me to help and book your first consultation for free, and I’ll get you started.

Check out our Executive Digital Presence_ Social Media Training Fact Sheet.


L. Michelle Smith

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