Coach Yourself Through Covid-19

Coach Yourself Through Covid-19

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We are indeed entering unchartered territory here with the spread of Coronavirus or covid-19.  Such uncertainty and fear can ultimately paralyze you.

That is, it will if you allow it.

When I began my coach training journey over a year ago, the one thing I learned quickly was how the discipline (my training is grounded in applied positive psychology) wasn’t only effective for my clients, but it was also constructive and instructive for how I approached life, my career and my business.

Did you know that you can coach yourself?

I do it all the time.  As I reflected on how I could add value to my community while in this challenging time we are facing, it occurred to me that I could provide some tools to you to support you through. In fact, they are the very same questions I’ve asked myself and I’ve taken on as homework to keep me and my family moving forward.

Q1.  Despite what is going on all around us, how can you identify and celebrate the good things that are still happening?  

This question is all about practicing gratitude.  Research shows that being grateful causes people to reflect on positive aspects of life, which not only reminds us that good exists, it helps support a mindset for forward movement.   I noted several positives:  all the shut downs, closures and cancelations have caused us to go home, slow down and focus on the ones who matter most.

Q2. What can you do during this time to move your business/career forward? 

Instead of focusing on all of the uncertainty, fear and challenges of this time, you can take advantage of this extra time to move forward in ways that will benefit you professionally.  That idea you have?  Start making it reality.  That job you want, plot a fresh strategy to connect with the people who can help you get it.  That business? How about a little content creation that your customers will find useful and endear them to your brand? White space is valuable.  Find ways to utilize it!

Q3. How can you take steps to lift your spirits or keep your spirits lifted during this time?

Your happiness is up to you. There are steps that you can take to limit anything weighing on your spirit.  Some will decided to add more physical activity to their days while working from home is the order of the day. Others will journal and reflect at an appointed time each day.  Many will limit social media and news media intake so that it won’t impact their outlook. Still others will focus on family and spirit.

Q4. How can you add some structure in your life with this new normal?

Structure allows us to eliminate the unexpected. Structure is hat plans are made of.  If you know what to expect each day, there is less guesswork. The world is full of so much uncertainty, why not create your own certainty?

Q5. Where is your happy place?

This is one of my favorite questions because it usually uncovers the fact that we haven’t been in that place in a while, and it forces us to consider why and how to get back there.  This question is about self care.  During tough times, it is important to prioritize it so that you can be resilient for what you may or may not face ahead.

I encourage you to sit somewhere quiet, grab a pen and journal and write down your answers.  Commit to actions that support each one and see how your outlook and productivity shifts for the better.

Give me a call if you’d like to go deeper.

Looking out for your hearts and minds with the warmest thoughts,

L. Michelle Smith, Certified Personal & Executive Coach

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