2021 Cyber Monday No Thanks Deal

2021 Cyber Monday No Thanks Deal

Let’s celebrate the holidays with some upward mobility and an insane Cyber Monday deal. Download the ebook version of No Thanks: 7 Ways to Say I’ll Just Include Myself for free and unlock the code to get The No Thanks Online Course & Discussion Guide for only $99 for a limited time. It is more than 4 hours of content drawn specifically from the bestselling book, No Thanks: 7 Ways to Say I’ll Just Include Myself.  In this self-paced, video-driven course, LMS walks with you, chapter by chapter, providing thought-provoking discussion prompts after each chapter.  Setting clear course objectives, LMS provides you with her expertise as a certified hybrid instructor.  She also provides “Easter Eggs” throughout in the form of behind-the-scenes anecdotes not in the book and bonus digital tools that go deeper into topics discussed in the book.

You will learn:

☑️ How to “flip privilege” to your advantage in the workplace

☑️ How to engage the “outside-in” approach to leadership ascension in your company

☑️ How to uncover your secret sauce and bet on “brand you” without trying to duplicate someone else’s journey

☑️ How to navigate the inevitable backlash and politics when your star begins to rise

☑️ How to actually assemble a tribe and activate it as an act of self-advocacy

☑️ How to jumpstart multiple streams of income and still remain compliant

☑️ How to build your confidence so that you always say and do what needs to be said and done as a true change agent

☑️ How to confront and shift your mindset about microaggressions/biases successfully, not just worry about them

☑️ How to tap into the secret weapon that all high achieving women of color possess to separate you from the pack

☑️ How to manage Karen and take some best practices from Kyle (there’s something positive there, believe it or not!)If you are an overqualified woman of color, you can probably relate to this book.

OFFER EXPIRES AT 11:59 PM DEC 3. Just click here to get in on the deal! #cybermonday #deals #onlinecourses #freeebook

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