Where does the money reside for the business minded?

Where does the money reside for the business minded?


It’s impact over everything, SIs.

You’re a business boss. You are focused on upward movement to senior executive leadership. If you are trying to be a social media influencer too, allow me to “unmuddy” the waters for you.

As a business boss, your focus should be about generating impact that generates influence, not the other way around. God bless social media influencers, but their roles are quite different from yours. They have to generate the likes and comments by carefully crafting an online image then prove their influence in order to get the deal.

See the difference?

So if you are down in the dumps because it looks like your engagement is down, that hardly anyone attended your FB live, the true measure of a business boss is actually in the deals she’s making. And Sis, that business goes down in the DMs, on the phone and in your inbox when no one is watching.

Let’s put social media in it’s place once and for all, shall we? For C-Suite aspirational divas, social media’s best use is for amplifying your brand—that intentional experience you create offline. It’s all about the realness, the excellence, the “get ish done” reputation. And because you are so freaking amazing and have a rich story to tell before you even launch your profile, people are inspired to follow you, and those relationships go deep.

Impact someone’s life or business—and they will follow you offline, where it counts even more than it does online.

Let’s keep our priorities straight. So before you go spend mountains of money on lighting and microphones, let’s get back to the main thing:

How will you create sustainable impact?

Create that, then watch the opportunities, the deals, the strategic alliances, the promotions and oh yes, my dear, the money… flow.

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