This confidence booster is completely up to you 💯

This confidence booster is completely up to you 💯


I’m back with more ways to boost your confidence.

Today’s focus is on the power of self compassion. Watch the video for some insights.

Other ways include:

☑ Challenging negative self-talk by doubling down on affirming yourself with positive thoughts.

☑ Setting achievable goals, ensuring that they are realistic and grounded in your values, your skill set and available resources.

☑ Tapping into supportive relationships to build your self-esteem, because no one can do this alone, and

☑ Getting moving! Exercise has a huge impact on mental health.

We will go in depth on how to build your confidence in our current course, a part of SOAR Women’s Leadership Academy. If you missed the Spring Cohort and don’t want to wait until we recruit for the Fall Cohort, you can become a part of SOAR on Demand at

Meanwhile download the FREE NSC Confidence Builders Tool today.

Coach L.

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