Your brain is trying to tell you something

Are you giving yourself grace? Or are you attempting to power through as if nothing has changed although we have been through and are going through so much.? Well, your body knows better–especially your brain. Today’s #NSCRockstarLeadership Tip of the Day explores brain fog, why more of us are experiencing it right now and what you can do about it. Watch to learn more–and take it easy. Want…

  What an amazing time of sharing Saturday at the Women’s Leadership Summit. Our panel was called “The Color of Innovation” and we discussed why Black women are uniquely qualified to innovate, how to remain grounded in who you are as you walk that road, and what it takes to actually innovate. Our moderator and host, Kimberly Tolbert was absolutely engaging; and my esteemed fellow panelists, Dr. Pamela…

There really is only so much merchandising of your own work that you can do. You need to create buzz about your work, and allow influential people to carry the word about your good work in order to propel you into executive spaces. Today’s #NSCRockstarLeadership Tip of the Day provides one strategy, the echo effect, that may help you create the kind of buzz about you that matters.…

So what will you do about these blahs that you have?

  The #NSCJournalPrompt can guide you through it. Get your journals ready, and reserve time on my calendar for a strategy session to put the languisihing in the rear view mirror. You can check out my conversation with licensed trauma therapist Tina Robertson on episodes 165 and 166 of The Culture Soup Podcast®.

Leave, then watch the learning that happens

Proximity can be an aspiration killer. When I was running my agency, I recall putting a policy in place for interns that they could not immediately be hired on to my staff until they joined another agency. Then they could boomerang if they’d like, but only after experiencing another work environment. They didn’t understand it. In fact, one of my intern’s parents called and tried to talk me…no,…

Want to communicate like a boss?

Want to speak with authority? Keep it brief. Today’s #NSCRockstarLeadership Tip of the Day is all about how saying less with more can move you further faster in your leadership aspirations. Brevity is powerful. Here are some tips for spoken and written communications to hold their attention. I’m holding some slots open for cohort #2 for my goal slayer mastermind. Still want in? Sign up here.

Real leaders push back

  Consistently agreeable? It’s probably why your leadership aspirations are stagnant. Learn to provide a well-informed insight. Pose a question that interrogates the norms. “Go along to get along” will never take you where well-placed pushback will. It’s what transformational leaders do.

It’s time to let it go

  Step one—- call it out. Name it. Describe it. Do it in detail. Step two—-dump it. Brain dump with free-flow writing. Then, let it go. Add this to your regimen for excommunicating negative thoughts, and you will be well on your way to finally taking care of those limiting beliefs. Get on my books for a free strategy session.

Do you give yourself credit? Or are you making yourself small?

When you think about it, you didn’t come up with that notion at work. It’s a part of corporate culture. In fact, the word corporate means “one body,” so it only makes sense that it has been ingrained in you that being a standout is ultimately frowned upon. Shining is a no go, right? What a direct conflict to the word leadership. Recently, my client work has uncovered…

Silence is golden

You can say so much by not saying anything at all. That’s it. That’s the post.

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