Discover SOAR DISCernIQ Leadership Assessment!

Discover SOAR DISCernIQ Leadership Assessment!

Wow! I just took a spin on our new SOAR DISCernIQ(tm) Leadership assessment and the LIGHTBULBS that went off! My core work style has evolved (high I(nfluence)) to IDs/IC over the course of 20 years. I suspected that the D(ominence) came from 25+ yrs of business dealings. So the Leadership module revealed my leadership style as DIs/I, I’m a high-energy, get-it-done, persuasive Networker.  My D eclipses my I in order to get some things done.  Here are some insights on how my colleagues should work with me.


Download the sales sheet: Benefits of Integrating SOAR DISCernIQ Leadership

Want to get to know yourself better as a leader?  Reach out, and I’ll share a demo and sample 15-25 page report with you!

Coach L.


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