Ep 18: The Battle Between Your Personal Brand & Employee Advocacy with John Graham

You’re going to need another drink for this one. There is a battle brewing on the interwebs and it involves your social real estate.  Are you ready? In this special, extended episode, my frat brother and fellow critical thinker joins me to go oh-so deep on the friction between personal brands and employee advocacy, I just don’t think there is anything left to say about it.Brand marketers… it’s…

FREE #30MM Masterclass #3: Building and Activating Your Personal Board of Directors

Ready to move from a linear mentoring model to a surround-sound model for growing your business or career? This FREE #30MinuteMentor Masterclass will reveal how to move beyond a mere mentorship and sponsorship paradigm to a 360 model that engages air cover, ground cover and latent board members who may already be in your community. Then we will talk about how to activate the board with your value…

Ep 16: The Love Episode: Mr. Know Your Worth, Aaron Jordan, Jr.

Our Valentines Day episode explores online dating, relationship coaches and how the Internet is facilitating and influencing how we date and interact with each other around the topic.  Aaron Jordan Jr is a veteran marketer and radio personality who has parlayed his knack for giving relationship advice into a career in speaking and writing books.  He says his work is divinely inspired.  Get to know “Mr. Know Your…

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