How can you work smarter?

You may consider letting go of something if you want to keep it simple and work smarter. Today’s #NSCJournalPrompt provides you with a tool that I share with clients. Watch this video and learn about the 4 D’s. Then circle back and tell me how much time you added to your day, your week, your life. Get some time on my books.

You’re Invited: Midyear Goal Calibration & Strategy Mastermind

Visualize this with me: It’s the end of 2022.  Before you celebrate the New Year, you realize that your life looks better than it did, same time last year.  You actually exceeded those goals you set for yourself in life and at work, and you can see the fruits of your labor before you lift your glass at the celebration or thank God at watchnight service. What does…

Silence is golden

You can say so much by not saying anything at all. That’s it. That’s the post.

Are you trying to do too much?

  Bigger isn’t always better. In fact, sometimes it can be draining and produce a small return. Are you trying to do too much? It could be what’s slowing you down. In today’s #NSCRockstarLeadership Tip, I give one example of how keeping it simple meant working smarter. These small yet smart actions allowed one of my mentor coaches to launch one an extremely successful practice in a short…

Can I phone a friend? ☎️

If you’re a longtime listener, you know that when it gets a little crazy in our culture, I phone a friend. Episode 170 is no exception. I don’t know about you, but after putting $112 dollars in my tank, hearing more of my friends and family contract Covid, still tearing up about Buffalo and Uvalde and the many mass shootings since, and watching parts of the January 6…

How to create calm 🕊️

Ready to plan out how you’ll manage your and your team’s stress during this trying time? Today’s #NSCJournalPrompt guides you through with some questions that will support your goal of creating calm and therefore trust using the SCARF method. If you’d like to explore this more, get on my books.

How should corporations recognize Juneteenth?

I’m so glad that the Black leaders at Audible raised this insightful question. I had an awesome time speaking to BEN@audible this afternoon. I shared a bit about my background as a Black Texan and my experience with the holiday before it became nationally recognized, and it may surprise you that my family never celebrated, but we definitely acknowledged it. Perhaps it had more to do with my family’s…

When it feels like they are coming for you…

Are you facing a challenging time at work? If a toxic boss or culture is closing in on you, there is hope; however, it is up to you to seek it. Hope comes in the form of opportunity. According to applied positive psychology, hope fuels goal setting. So it’s important to have a vision for your life and work–a reason to look forward.When times get tough, refocus on…

Want to manage your stress during these difficult times?

How do you manage stress as a leader as it seems to be piling on with everything going on in the world? There’s even word of a recession looming. There are ways to look out for yourself and your people as you move forward. Today’s #NSCRockstarLeadership Tip of the Day provides some insight from some of the latest neuroscience research on the topic, and provides some examples of…

Juneteenth is a holiday. Now what?

I hope that you will wake up early with me on Sunday, June 19th where I will be discussing the meaning of the Juneteenth holiday and how people and brands can better celebrate and commemorate this day of freedom. DFW-area community can tune in on WFAA Channel 8 for Daybreak. Outside of our area, you can catch the replay video on wfaa.com after it airs.

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