How to reclaim your creativity

Wondering why you just can’t get to your “ah-ha” moment? Your brain may simply be too busy processing other things. It’s time to free your mind and get back to innovating. In today’s #YesPlease Ask Me Anything, we explore actions you can take to clear your mind and get to the insight your brain needs to create. This year has been overwhelming for me with a ton of…

Executive Coaches are Stealth for a Reason—I’m Not

  I spent the morning recently speaking to media, and the same question crops up each time. “What spurred the decision to become an executive coach?” Some have guessed incorrectly that it happened before I left the big company because my business was established while I was still working there. The fact is, it was serval months after I left the company and after a coaching intensive weekend…

Where are the NSC Rockstar Leadership Tips?

More than 100 leadership insights eternally at your fingertips If you have been missing the NSC Rockstar Leadership Tips, they are actually only a click away! When you join SLAYNET, you will receive access to the entire library of videos that inspired my first journal and companion to No Thanks: 7 Ways to Say I’ll Just Include Myself, Slay Everyday! 52 Weeks to RockstarLeadership. Get started now by…

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