It’s a job, not a marriage.

Where does treating your relationship with your company like a marriage get you? . ❌You discuss looking into other positions like it is creeping, and that not looking around is an act of righteousness. ❌You only share company related posts on LinkedIn as if sharing other content is unfaithful. ❌ You won’t entertain recruiters and interview like it’s extra marital. ❌ You treat your current position as if…

Trying not to be “too out there”

You work hard, and you are finally getting the recognition.  But know one knows it.  You see other people sharing their accomplishments and thought leadership online and you actually enjoy the ones who aren’t obnoxious about it.  However, when it comes to the idea of your sharing, you freeze. Are you leaning into false humility?  This isn’t even the so-called “humble brag.”  You haven’t given yourself to be…

How to spot a microaggressive bully in the workplace

Do you know how to spot a microagressive bully in the workplace? Hint: they aren’t who they *say* they are. Today’s NSC Rockstar Leadership Tip of the Day comes from bonus chapters from a special edition of No Thanks: 7 Ways to Say I’ll Just Include Myself coming later this spring. Learn more about the book that’s out right now at lmichellesmith.com/nothanks. The audiobook will be out within…

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