It’s a job, not a marriage.

Where does treating your relationship with your company like a marriage get you? . ❌You discuss looking into other positions like it is creeping, and that not looking around is an act of righteousness. ❌You only share company related posts on LinkedIn as if sharing other content is unfaithful. ❌ You won’t entertain recruiters and interview like it’s extra marital. ❌ You treat your current position as if…

Zapier: Six Ways to Turn Followers into Believers and Create Social Media Content That Sells

The year was 2008, and my agency team was attempting to convince a couple large brands to try social media as part of their strategic communications plan. It was tough. Platforms like Twitter had only been live for about a year, and many of the marketing clients wanted to know how they’d be able to track sales from their activities. Still others pointed to bigger brands that hadn’t…

Trying not to be “too out there”

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How to spot a microaggressive bully in the workplace

Do you know how to spot a microagressive bully in the workplace? Hint: they aren’t who they *say* they are. Today’s NSC Rockstar Leadership Tip of the Day comes from bonus chapters from a special edition of No Thanks: 7 Ways to Say I’ll Just Include Myself coming later this spring. Learn more about the book that’s out right now at lmichellesmith.com/nothanks. The audiobook will be out within…

LMS on IG LIVE with @TheCodeVault Clip 2: How to handle privileged people in the workplace

It happened again… You’re on a Webex, and it is your turn to add some value to the conversation, and here comes that colleagues that has a way of asserting themselves so it appears that they have far more authority than you. Its belittling, and you’re tired of it. After all, who died and put them in charge, let alone at your expense. Asserting authority is one way…

The Culture Soup Podcast: Ep 130: Black History Hit Different with Sacha Thompson

Companies are going all out for #BlackHistoryMonth, and it’s…awkward. I wouldn’t be the first to say that in the current cultural context, watching Black History Month unfold in social media news feeds is a bit surreal. If you are Black, you may be in one of two camps: you are either loud and proud and a bit defiant in your celebration of Black Excellence, or you are completely…

Giving yourself permission to walk and talk like a boss

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