Living with intent can get you places!

Is your biggest flex that you’ve never actually sought a role in your career…people just came to you? I can relate. About 90% of the positions in my career were “taps on the shoulder.” But is this really a way to live? You’re excellent, don’t get me wrong, but what if you took that excellence and moved with a little intent? I’m not talking about making a move…

How measures make your accomplishments matter

How are you doing against your goals? It isn’t that you aren’t meeting or exceeding them. You’re slaying everyday. It’s that you haven’t communicated the impact… You need measures. Today’s #NSCRockstarLeadership tip of the day focuses on two ways to make your accomplishments mean something—not only to you, but to the decision-makers and gatekeepers who can help move you closer to the C-Suite. And our focus is on…

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