Always Count Your Accomplishments

I kicked off 2022 by releasing book #2.5, SLAY EVERYDAY: 52 Weeks to Rockstar Leadership while simultaneously launching my private online coaching community and app SLAYNET. The imitated and never quite duplicated #NSCRockstarLeadership Tips of the Day barreled on through to more than 200 vignettes this year and were officially retired to the library on SLAYNET. These videos were the origination for the weekly tips in the journal,…

Time to reconsider?

  If you’re constantly pouring out and they never refill you… you might reconsider.

Fire yourself 👏🏽

I am looking forward to a big vacation this holiday season. It’s the third big one for me and my daughter this year. I’m reflecting on how small decisions to delegate, assign tasks, hire help and generally offload tasks have enabled me to take more time for myself and my family from week to week and even year over year. I work no more than 30 hours a…

  How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was great like mine. Did you know that there are three gremlins that will make a turkey out of you when it comes to smashing your goals? I discuss the third one in this video. (CARMEN: link the words “this video”) What’s the reason you don’t ask for help? WATCH the video to find out the most common reasons why…

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