Ep 83: Storytelling for the Culture with Christina Steed

She is the quiet storm behind some of the biggest multicultural integrated marketing and communications programs on the planet and what’s more she is my sisterfriend! She is an adjunct Professor at DePaul University and the creator and host of the @firstsoverforty podcast and she is a storyteller #fortheculture. We talk about the importance of multicultural marketing, developing your cultural intelligence, appropriation, @tiktok and so much more.

Ep 81: Getting Schooled on On School Love with Joseph “Rev Run” and Justine Simmons

Some guests don’t need an introduction, but they definitely deserve your attention. My conversationwith Rock N Roll Hall of Famer, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award Winner , hip hop legend, adoring husband Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons and his lovely wife Justine Simmons is so awesome! We will talk about their new book #OldSchoolLove. It’s exactly what this world needs today. I know I am looking forward to it. These…

Executive Presence Series: Rock the Platform

It has happened… You have been asked to take the stage—to moderate, to be a panelist, maybe even keynote. The appearance is only weeks away, but this opportunity could open doors. Ready to get serious? My team can help. Introducing another offering in my Executive Presence Series: Rock the Platform. We’ll not only prep you, but we’ll counsel you on how to organize your thoughts, have a focus,…

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