What to do when you need more clients…yesterday.

  I wrote an open letter for an upcoming article in Black Enterprise because the U.S. Census reports that more black women are starting businesses than any other group; but unfortunately, very rarely are those businesses scaling to 7-figures.  One reason is because black women do not have the mentorship, sponsorship or access to capital like others; but I’ve found that sometimes, a little information can go a long…

FAQ: Coaching V. Mentoring—Which is for you?

Q1: What is the difference between mentoring and coaching? A1: Mentoring is a time where the mentor guides the mentee with advice or learnings that are personal to the mentor’s experience.  Many times, it results in anecdotes that have relevance to the mentee, and places them on a path toward success based on the mentor’s best practices, experiences or even insights gleaned from their own mentors. Coaching is…

FREE #30MM Masterclass #3: Building and Activating Your Personal Board of Directors

Ready to move from a linear mentoring model to a surround-sound model for growing your business or career? This FREE #30MinuteMentor Masterclass will reveal how to move beyond a mere mentorship and sponsorship paradigm to a 360 model that engages air cover, ground cover and latent board members who may already be in your community. Then we will talk about how to activate the board with your value…

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