The Culture Soup Podcast®: Out of Office

  You may have noticed that The Culture Soup Podcast® has been on break since around Thanksgiving. We’re not streaming, but we are planning a big return, Thursday, Jan 13, 2022 with some of the most exciting guests, my friends who are killing it at the intersection of tech, business and culture. The holidays are a great time to catch up, and you have nearly three years of…

Engaging Your Brain to Boost Your Positive Self-talk

You really can conquer self-doubt, but you will need to supercharge your positive self-talk by engaging your brain. Today’s #NSCJournalPrompt takes you through an exercise to ensure that your positive affirmations are hitting on all cylinders. Check out more on how your brain can make the difference in your goal getting and how affirmations activate the brain’s reward centers here.  

Social Media Engagement that Matters with the Opera America PR & Marketing Forum

Brand leadership depends on strategic communications, just as executive leadership relies on a well articulated personal brand and the ability to authentically and effective communicate. However, non-profits, whether they are in the arts or not, struggle with leading in their strategic communications strategies primarily due to funding. Typically, staffing looks like this: one person over all of PR & Marketing and if you are lucky, these positions are…

#BossMoves: What if I told you that science backs the ideals behind positive emotion?

Key to it is positive self talk, but if you are really honest about this, do you wonder if these affirmations are supposed to work like magic? As if you simply say them, and BOOF the negative emotions and self-doubt just disappear? That the business you’ve been struggling to make profitable is suddenly rolling in it…that you can simply SAY things into existence? It isn’t magic. It isn’t…

Did you know that you can create your own success?

Try making a little progress. According to neuroscience, progress begets motivation, which begets more progress. This is the core concept of The Progress Loop. If you find that the sheer thought of that big project or major goal causes you angst, try backing up a bit, chunking that plan into bits, and taking on a little at a time. You’ve heard that “baby steps moving forward” is not…

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