What to do when you need more clients…yesterday.

What to do when you need more clients…yesterday.


I wrote an open letter for an upcoming article in Black Enterprise because the U.S. Census reports that more black women are starting businesses than any other group; but unfortunately, very rarely are those businesses scaling to 7-figures.  One reason is because black women do not have the mentorship, sponsorship or access to capital like others; but I’ve found that sometimes, a little information can go a long way.

I’m hoping to fill that information and support gap.  I recently served as an official coach at the Black Enterprise FWD event in Charlotte, NC. Many of the clients I supported there wanted to know how to get more clients.

The letter and this FREE MASTERCLASS are based loosely on an actual letter that I sent to one of my clients.

When I “fell” into entrepreneurship in 2002, I was only a PR practitioner, but it didn’t stop me from learning business from trial by error.  Fail forward, right?  It took me just under five years to rack up 7-figure sales, which isn’t bad, but now that I know what to do today, I’m on track to move that needle faster, and I want to take you with me on that journey.  Let’s crush our goals together, sis.

EVERYONE is invited.

Register: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_chadP9RASt-2Zqdr2dCkIw

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