Let’s make this Black History Month one to remember! 🚀

Let’s make this Black History Month one to remember! 🚀

As we gear up for Black History Month, I’m thrilled to share a unique perspective on how our past shapes the way we lead today. I’ve crafted an extremely special message that dives into cultural inflection points of the past that mold our approaches to work, life, and leadership aspirations.


It’s a journey through the generations, exploring both the superpowers and stumbling blocks stamped in our DNA after facing adversity. But here’s the powerful part – we’ll unpack how positive psychology and neuroscience can help us break free from old norms, tap into our unique X-factor that will make our ancestors proud.

I’m honored to be one of the estimated 3% Black, certified, and female executive coaches in the U.S., and the only one in the leadership/business aisle focusing on nuanced leadership books at the intersection of culture and science, particularly for Black women leaders, women as a whole and other people of color. My passion lies in understanding how culture influences our habits and, in turn, our leadership styles.

If your organization is looking for a thought-provoking Black History Month session that challenges perspectives and sparks growth, let’s connect! My calendar is filling up for February, but I still have some space for in-person or virtual engagements that align with this powerful narrative.

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Let’s make this Black History Month one to remember! 🚀

P.S. Reimagine this approach for Women’s History Month with me as well. I look forward to hearing from you.

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